Monday, January 28, 2008

New wrinkles in my brain...

Well, today wasn't all that extraordinary... pretty much all I did was orientation for the program, and when that was done, I did a bit of walking about and getting lost in the city.
I have only really been here in Sydney for one day, but I've already learned some very interesting tidbits. And because you are my captive audience, I will share them with you.

1) Their cross walk lights BEEP when they turn green. How convenient is that? No more staring at that little red hand so you don't miss it the second it turns green... now you can stare around at all the people instead of the cross light and still be informed when it's time to go.
2) There seems to be more Asian people than Australians in Sydney. All the store signs are translated into Chinese (or another Asian character language, I still can't easily tell them apart). And everywhere I look I see GIANT green flags telling us that 08 is the year of the rat. Also the products that you can buy seem to be targeting tourists from Japan or China... all that Hello Kitty kind of stuff. I guess that kind of makes sense, as Asia is the closest continent, so that must be where all the tourist dollars come in... but you'd think that they'd want to buy products that they COULDN'T get from home, right?
3) Apparently, redback spiders like to do their hiding under toilet seats... just waiting for the unsuspecting person to sit down...
4) All the music that is playing in stores etc. seems like the music that we played in stores... in the 90's. "All I wanna do is have some fun"? "You spin me round"? Good music, but it makes me feel like when I crossed the date line I actually went back in time 15 years!
5) They don't seem to have dollar bills... they have dollar coins and 2 dollar coins, that they actually USE! AND their "paper" money is so neat, it's plastic and has a little clear window on each bill.
6) I had a few other things, but man I think the jet lag is starting to kick in. I'm just trying to kill time for a few hours until I go to bed... I don't want to go to sleep before 9 or i'll have the same problem when I wake up tomorrow. But tomorrow I think I'll do some of the tourist-y stuff in Sydney... I still have a week before surf camp starts so I need to stay in Sydney until then to make things easier for me.


Dad said...

Hey Karen,

Thanks for the update. A lot of great info. Forgive my ignorance but can you also incorporate pictures in your blog. Sure would love to see that redback spider under your toilet seat :).


Jieuryli said...

Redback spiders! Pictures! Noooo....

lisah0822 said...

i hope their not poisonous....ick!! sounds like an interesting visit so far. i'm so glad you've been able to update so much already. i hope you'll be able to continue to have easy access to internet.

gooday mate!!

grandpuba56 said...

Hey Karen,

I heard that many places over there have heated toilet seats... Those spiders must be in heaven LOL Take care


stacy122982 said...

I would kill my self. Literally kill myself if I had a run in with one of those red jerks coming at me while I'm minding my business.
Anyway, please tell me reasons why I would WANT to visit Australia! I'm losing hope!
Still miss you!

Cheryl said...

We have beeping walk lights here too.. they are used for the blind usually. ;)
Miss you! Need to see pics!!

lisah0822 said...

ahhh, i just checked and they ARE poisonous!!! not many known deaths, but STILL!! buy a can of raid asap!!! otherwise you might have to ask the front dest to suck the poison out your a$$, LOL ;-)

PMH said...

Hey Bear,

OMG - Spiders!!! Under the toilet seat!!! Dare I ask HOW you found out that is where they like to hide? Man, think I would want my comode sealed in plastic. Hehe

reubenbri said...

And the itsy bitsty spider...

Water Lion said...

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