Thursday, February 21, 2008

Real Australia Part II

G'day everyone!

Well, as I promised, I'll tell you a bit more of my time in 'real' Australia!

On Monday, I went to Alissa's school (Karen takes her to school in the mornings) and I stayed for a bit to see how the schools in Australia are different from the ones that I remember in the US. It's been quite a while since I was in the 6th grade so it might all be different now in America anyway... but first thing on Monday morning, the whole school (all 100 or so students) get together in a big room and go over what they will be doing for the week. They all sing Australia's national anthem which I thought was neat to hear. In case you were wondering here is the first verse:

Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free; We've golden soil and wealth for toil, Our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in Nature's gifts Of beauty rich and rare; In history's page, let every stage Advance Australia fair! In joyful strains then let us sing, "Advance Australia fair!"

After that they talked about things like the importance of sunscreen and hats when they are going outside... they aren't even allowed to play outside unless they have sunscreen and a hat on! Also, the kids learn heaps about the environment and all about saving water and energy... They learn so much more about protecting the environment then I ever remember learning in school! I think that is wonderful, they will grow up wanting to make a difference... actually I've found that overall Australia is WAY more concerned about the environment then the USA is. Hopefully we'll catch up soon. Anway, it was fun being in a school with a bunch of cute little kids with Australian accents :)

So, after that, Karen, Cliff and I went to this nifty crystal warehouse... a place where they sell geodes and stones and really beautiful crystals at wholesale prices. Some of the things that they had in that place were gorgeous... they had a coffee table where the entire bottom was an amethyst crystal! It was only a few thousand dollars.... I bought it and I am having it shipped home. Dad, I used your credit card numbers, I hope you don't mind?

I also did something truly Australian... I tried something called 'Vegemite'. What is Vegemite, you ask? Well, it's a spread for toast that many, many Australians have for breakfast. I think that it's more common on toast then jam is. Why is this interesting? Well, have you TASTED the stuff? Wow, it is the weirdest thing that someone might eat for breakfast that I've ever known... weirder than even spaghetti on toast for sure. It's this yeast product that is SO salty... and it just has such a strange taste... It just doesn't seem like a breakfast food! I mean, it wasn't 'throw up' gross, but it was really, really salty I don't think I'd ever have the urge to eat it again :)

Besides vegemite, crystals, and school, Karen and Cliff have taken me to a bunch of small (ish) towns that we have checked out (non-touristy towns) which has been neat... I also met Karen's other daughter (who is 20) and I've met a ton of their friends (true Australians!). We also took a bush walk where I saw a couple of other big spiders and a kangaroo running around in the trees. The cockatoos flying above their house has become a common sight (they are SO loud) and I'm learning alot about their other native birdlife like the willy-wagtail (I love that name).

Oh, I also introduced the family to a lovely American campfire tradition called 's'mores'. I had to improvise a bit... they don't have graham crackers here so we had to use a different kind of sweet cracker, which was a bit too thick and not really sweet enough... They also didn't have Hersey bars so we used another chocolate bar called a 'Flake'. Also, they only had marshmallows that came in a package with strawberry and vanilla mallows... so we just picked out the strawberry ones and used the vanillas. Oh, and there is currently a fire restriction in their area (it's a drought and it's high fire season) so we used the electric stove to roast the marshmallows. They turned out pretty good, but nowhere NEAR as good as they are with all the proper ingredients! Well, we'll just have to make sure that when Cliff and Karen come to the states next, they try the proper version of s'mores!

Hmmm... I don't know why I always wait until this late to write my blogs... I'm so beat and I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of things and I tend to ramble more when I'm tired... but this is getting pretty long now and I want to go to bed so we will have to have a 'Real Australia Part III' tomorrow! And let me tell you, it is going to be good. I haven't even told you what happened today! (hahaha, always leave them wanting more, that's what I say!)

G'nite everyone! If you go to Mackers in the arvo, don't forget to put dead horse on the chips!

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NO, your posts arent long ENOUGH!!!! i love hearing about everything. you could write 2 pages full and it still wouldnt be enough.
did you get me a crystal table too??? ;-)

wow, your really making me like Oz better then US.....i wanna go there!!!!!!!!!!!

cant wait to hear more!!

Karen said...

haha, Lisa, you are quick! I just posted that, went to the bathroom, and came back and you commented. I know, I broke my rule of not commenting on my own post... but it made me laugh. said...

LOL! yeah, i check frequently ;-) YAY, i made you break your ruuuuule!!!

;-) said...

so, i bookmarked this site:

cuz i'm always wondering what time it is. so, what are you doin up so late?? GO TO BED ;-)

Dad said...

The coffee table sounds great, adn only a few thousand dollars. I'd have been willing to pay a lot more than that.
Given that you have been out of school (grade school at least)for a while now, I would like to think that even our schools teach a lot more about environmental protection now than they used to.

Keep it coming.

PMH said...

Where are the pictures you promised me?