Thursday, February 21, 2008

Real Australia Part III

Well, I know some people have been complaining that there are no pictures (mom) so you will be happy to know that today, there will be 2 pictures. And, hopefully I will upload new pictures to my flickr account, and video to my youtube account before I leave Karen and Cliffs house tomorrow... But first, a bit of talk.

Yesterday, I went to a wildlife sanctuary - actually it was just a house where a woman and her son and husband take in injured or orphaned animals and nurse them back to health until they can be re-introduced into the wild, or a home can be found for them. It was really neat - I went into the house, and there were kangaroos hopping around EVERYWHERE. There were four or five in the living room, eating hay and chilling out (the son was feeding one of them a bottle), and there were a bunch more in the kitchen, and still more in an outdoor enclosure connected to the house. I got to pet a bunch of them (they are incredibly soft, even the adult ones) and I experienced stepping in 'roo poo'.

If you look closely at the pic above, you can see the farthest away kangaroo has a little joey hanging out of her pouch! Aren't they adorable?

So anyway, I was a bit jealous that I found out that Cheryl and family got a pair of pet bunnies... so I was thinking, I need to top it... someway... somehow. What can I get that hops, is cute, but is somehow BETTER than a pair of bunnies?

VOILA! I have adopted a baby kangaroo! He will be coming with me on the remainder of my Australian vacation, and I will be taking him back with me on my plane ride. I think for now he can stay in the spare bedroom at dads house, I can just take him for walks and stuff, and when he gets a bit bigger he can stay in the patio. His name is Spike (I'll be getting him one of those spiked collars). I figure he'd be good to keep out intruders and such... when he gets a bit bigger, that is. Here is the first adoption picture:

This will be the end of my 'real australia' series, since I will be leaving Karen and Cliffs house tomorrow to go to Tasmania... but you can be sure that I'll have plenty of things to talk about there! Maybe I'll adopt a tasmanian devil so Spike will have a playmate!

Peace out everyone!



PMH said...

Hey...Anubis needs a pal also. How about bringing one home for us? At least we have an acre of land for him to hop around on. All you have is a teeny tiny patio with no grass! Tell Karen and Cliff that we will be coming to stay with them next week so they better get ready 'cause we won't be as willing to leave.

PMH said...

Oh yeah...FYI...when I said I wanted pictures I meant the ones of the two Karens together. Where are those??? said...

do you PURPOSELY post these awesome posts with pictures JUST to make me jealous?? i wanna hold a baby kangaroo!!!!!!
i agree, the 2 kaz's should get a photo together!!!!

Dad said...

What, your'e only bringing 1 kangaroo home? I suppose you'll want to take him also when you move out into your own apartment again. No fair. I want to step in roo poo.

stacy122982 said...

Karen...I suggest you save dad's blog comment in your archives...this way you have proof he was cool with it when you bring home lil Spike!