Sunday, March 9, 2008

Laziness in my posts!

Sorry guys, I had been meaning to post before now but I've just been having so much fun with Kaz and Cliff that I kept putting it off, telling myself I'd do it at night... and then when night came I would just be too tired! But now, it's my last night at their house so I really don't have a choice but to get it done now (or else risk that my next hostel has reasonably priced internet).

Well, I guess I have a bit of catching up to do... First, Hi Sam, first time commenter, long time reader! And welcome back Stacy and Nick!

OK, now on to serious business.

First off, I owe you a post about what happened in Tassie after my tour. During the weekend, I stayed with one of Karen and Cliffs friends and his 3 roommates... they were really great people, and so hilarious too. The first night we stayed in and just watched a couple of movies, including an Australian film that was EXTREMELY disturbing... You know, one of those real-life ones that try to teach you a lesson? The kind that they make you watch in high school? But... I think this one was a LOT more disturbing than any that WE would have watched in high shool! I can't remember the name of it now... and I don't really want to talk about the subject matter here, just in case I have minors (Stacy) reading... but wow. I still can't believe that these poor Australian kids are subjected to a film like that at the tender highschool age!

Anyhow, they also took me to this terrific market in Hobart, and a neat skywalk thing in another rainforest. And for once... it was actually NOT cold in the Tasmanian rainforest!

OK, I probably would have written more about my last days in Tassie if I had been good and updated my blog more promptly... But now because I don't feel like talking about Tasmania anymore right now, and I want to finish up the post so I can go to bed, I believe I will just talk about what I've been doing while in Heathcote with Karen and Cliff.

Well, if anyone read Karen's comment... we did have a spider incident. It was a HUGE spider... tarantula size even. It was crawling in the hallway of Karen's house... And no one was home but us 3 girls. (Myself, Kaz, and Alissa). Now, I don't mind spiders, as long as they are outside, and not crawling on me. This spider was inside, and crawling towards the door of the bedroom I was sleeping in! Luckily, the next door neighbor (and friend of Karen) was within shouting distance, so he came and took care of the spider for us... but not before it made a run for my room (and almost made it)! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the spider, but if anyone is interested, you can google 'australian huntsman spider' and I'm sure it will give you a picture and tell you how big they can get. Oh, what the heck, I'll do it for you:

Moving on... yesterday (Saturday) was Kaz's birthday party... it was really a wonderful time. The food was excellent, as was the wine, and I got to meet so many of Kaz and Cliff's friends. And they were all such interesting characters! :) At times, it was hard for me to understand what they were saying because of the thick Australian accents and slang words that I didn't know... and I think that it was amusing to some of them to say things to me and laugh at my response... but it was all in good fun. We did have a bit of an issue before the party... Cliff and I drove an hour and a half to pick up Karen's CHOCOLATE birthday cake... and... well, it kind of melted into his seat on the way home. Yeah, it's that hot in Heathcote. But, we were able to salvage most of it, so I guess it could have been much worse... we could have had to bring the car to the party and just give people spoons so they could eat it off the seat! And it was good cake, so we would have done it!

Today, we just spent the day relaxing and lounging around the pool. I have been running around so much since I've been in Australia that I really enjoyed the off day. Tomorrow, I'm going to be heading back to Melbourne for one night, and then going off my 3 day Great Ocean Road tour to Adelaide... and after that, on the 17th, I'm headed into the outback! That one I'm really excited about... I'm sure I'll have tons of things to write about then, and lots of pictures for you guys (to make up for the lack of them today). I must get to bed now though... it's really late here, and laying around the pool all day really tires you out! ;) Cheryl and Matt... by the way... when I get back make sure the pool is open and ready for Aunt Karen! And Cheryl, did the kids get my postcards? De'von and Richie did already so I'd think your kids did...

OH! I almost forgot to mention! I saw a Koala on Saturday, for the first time not in a zoo. Unfortunately... it was dead on the side of the road. Koala roadkill... it was so sad, especially because the koalas are becoming less and less common in this area... like the Tasmanian Devils, they are all getting some kind of disease that is really wiping them out. Well, hopefully before my Australian vacation is done, I will get to see a live one up in the trees...

Ok, gotta jet, ta-ta everyone!


stacy122982 said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M FIRST TO COMMENT!!!!
Let me make this fast, so that nobody (Lisa) sneaks in before me!
I don't know WHY I did, but I looked at the link of that god awful spider you saw. I would have pooped my pants. Literally.

I NEED to know what the heck that movie was about!! I need you to find out the name, so that I can rent it. You know me and "true story movies" I LOVE them! And, Karen, you haven't been gone THAT long, I am no longer a minor. 25, to be exact.

I want that chocolate cake.

I too, would like Cheryl & Matt's pool to be open.

I purchased a sombrero for cinco de mayo. I will wear it to the airport, if you wish, when we come pick you up.

I also, am expecting a postcard from you.


Dad said...

That spider didn't look so scary to me. Bring it on! Just kidding. Keep them in Australia.
Have fun on your great ocean road tour and if anybody is interested I'm guessing this is the link to the website that tells about it.

PMH said...

I, also, say keep the spiders over there! I, also, want my postcard!

Was the movie Wolf Creek?

Cheryl said...

How cute are these shoes?!?!?
(pool will be open memorial weekend hopefully!!! PAR-TAY!)

PMH said...

Sorry Cheryl, couldn't get to the site with the shoes you wanted us to see. It was a"Forbidden" page.

I want to come and watch everyone swim in your pool too.

Lisah0822 said...

ewwww, i woulda freaked if i saw that spider!!!
I'm assuming you are either having a BLAST so you can't update, or you have no internet access so you can't update OR you ran off with a gang of Australian Gypsies to live in the Outback stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

which one is it?? well, there is NO excuse. i wanna nother update!!!!!!!!


cheryl, i couldnt see the shoes either.

mom, i warned karen about wolf creek and told her not to go. i also warned her about "Black Water". did you ever see that movie?

PMH said...

No...but I just now watched the trailer for it. Another true movie, huh?

Lisah0822 said...

i dont THINK Black water is a true story....but it's a real place in australia, and it COULD be true. it's definetly a possible scenerio, if it isnt true.
good movie though. you should watch it.