Friday, April 4, 2008

Heading Bush - Day 5

Day 5 had a WONDERFUL start to it! As a treat, we had eggs, bacon, and toast for brekky... and we had a cool way of toasting the bread, using the little contraction you can see below:

The previous night was a bit chilly and windy, so it was nice to wake up to hot coffee, eggs, bacon... yum. Anyhow, after we ate, we headed off to our first stop, a town called Oodnadatta. This town used to be the end of the line for the old Ghan railway (this is a railroad built many years ago by Afghans who came into the country for work... it was initially called the Afghan railroad for that reason, but it was shortened to Ghan later). If there was anything that had to go past this point (like to Alice Springs), it was taken by camels (which were also brought over to Australia by the Afghans) This railway is still in use, but this is no longer the end of the line. Camels are no longer needed to bring hotpants and other necessary supplies across the rest of the country!

We went to a place in this town called the Pink Roadhouse, which was aptly named:

And... everything INSIDE the place was pink too! After a quick look around inside, (and after one of the girls got herself a nifty pink hat!) we went to the museum of Oodnadatta, and checked out some of the relics of the early town, and newspaper articles.

This is just a house I thought was neat that we saw on our way back from the museum...

Then came another treat... we got the chance to use the Pink Roadhouses pool! AND... the pool had a WATERSLIDE! We had tons of fun before we got out, and we hung out a little with a local Aboriginal man named Jeffrey. Jeffrey loved Heading Bush, and every time one of the tours came by he would wait around with his guitar and play for us. We all sat around, making up songs as he would play the guitar, it was tons of fun. Then, Sarah D. let him play around a bit with her camera, which he really enjoyed... here is a pic below... ignore the fact that it is sideways. I didn't notice until it was too late, and I'm too rushed to bother uploading it again! Just turn your head!

While we were hanging out with Jeffrey, someone had the brilliant idea that we should donate something to the Pink Roadhouse, and leave our mark. Sarah R. had a pink guitar that had been given to her by some people that she knew in one of her earlier trips, and it was not really playable... the handle was broken. We had plans to throw it into a bonfire on our last night, but this seemed like a much better idea! We all got together and signed it... (our heading bush group and the other one) and Jeffrey signed it as well.

And Sarah presenting it to the Roadhouse...

Now, anytime anyone ever comes to the Pink Roadhouse, they will see our guitar and signatures! We'll be legends!

Our next stop was at some ruins (an old train station) which was actually pretty picturesque...

I really liked the look of taking a picture out the window... it almost looks as if the tree is a framed work of art on the wall....

I'm posting 2 similar pics because I couldn't decide which one I liked best :)

Gus had fun at this place, blowing a dijuridu from the chimney, both inside and outside of the house. I thought I had a picture uploaded of that, but apparently not... we'll all have to wait to see this when (and if) I ever have time to upload my pictures onto the flickr website! I may not have the time until I get back from vaca, but we'll see.

After that stop, we made one more stop at more ruins... this place was another neat oasis in the desert. Imagine, palm trees in a dry place like a desert!

Here, we all tried wild dates (I have never tried a date before, and I must say, they are really tasty!) and we also tried fruit from something called a 'ruby salt bush'. Yum, who even needs dinner?

Our camp was at Dalhousie Springs... which was an AWESOME place. Look at this, and what do you see?

Just any old lake, says you? NO! This was actually a HOT springs. The water was like bath water... you had to get in slowly... it was amazing. 37 degrees Celsius... figure that out in Fahrenheit!

Here we are in the pool...

We didn't stay in too long before dinner, because it was still a bit warm outside (although it felt cool as soon as we got out of this bathtub!)

The flies were of course annoying here (you get one good thing like a hot springs, you get a bad thing with it like flies and mosquitoes).

For dinner, we had spaghetti (the food seemed like it kept getting better and better... or maybe we were just getting hungrier and hungrier).

The sunset in this place was again, awesome... and you can actually see the moon in the picture below, well before it is completely dark.

We had one more latenight swim in the hotsprings, and it was like a giant jacuzzi... without the bubbles. A perfect night for skinny dippers! Of course, I'm not saying that WE went skinny dipping.

After our swim, it was off to bed in tents again (mosquitoes, blech).

Yay, on to day 6!

P.S. I am done checking over this for errors until I catch up.. so if I have bad grammar or repeated sentences or misspellings or blatant lies, I take no responsibility.


PMH said...

Hey, I'm first again...

Loved the "framed tree picture" picture. Can't wait to go and find that roadhouse and see your name in print on the pink guitar.

Glad you're not letting the mosquitos and flies eat you to death!

Lisah0822 said...

i agree, that "framed" tree is definetly frame worthy.
cool idea with the guitar. what are the odds that someone happens to have a cool looking pink guitar that was going to be tossed anyway.

stacy is amazing said...

I can't believe you went skinny dipping.

stacy is amazing said...

I'm telling dad.

Dad said...

This is amazing stuff Karen. Not only have you been able to capture me with your narrative but your photos are copyright worthy.
Am I biased or what.

Dad said...

37 Degrees Celsius equals 98.6 Degrees Farenheit. Isn't that interesting?

Karen said...

Hmmm, 98.6 huh? I feel like it was hotter than body temperature... because it was like BATH water. You had to get in slowly... either I wrote down the wrong degrees or he told me wrong I guess...