Saturday, April 5, 2008

Heading Bush - Day 8

Anyhow, as I was saying, my clothes were soaked, and we had no time to find a working drier, so for now we just shoved them into a bag and headed off to our events for day 8. (I actually had to wear a pajama top for my shirt today, because I had WASHED ALL MY CLOTHES and they were soaked!!) Mom, see, just THINKING of taking a rock from Uluru for you (even though I wasn't thinking of it, you were!) brought me bad luck!

Today we were going to see Kata Tjuta, which was a rock formation right next to Uluru. The name means "many heads" because of the look of many rocks jutting into the sky. But because it was raining, and it so rarely rains over Uluru, we first took a drive around the rock to see what so few people get to see... water cascading down Uluru. I think it's something like 4% of all people who see Uluru get to see it in the rain... here are a few pictures where you can see the water... it's not raining that hard on these pics so they are small waterfalls, but it's a sight to see in any regard...

After driving around Uluru, we were off to Kata Tjuta.

This place (Kata Tjuta) was a sacred MANS site, woman weren't allowed to go here (Aboriginal women, at least).

It was another 3 hour walk around this mountain, and it rained on and off during it. We saw more birdlife than was common at this time of the year, because of the rain.

Everything was pretty wet and slippery, so I had to be careful (yes, especially klutzy me had to be careful). There were a few nice lookouts on this hike, and it was a bit harder than yesterdays (more climbing) but it was a nice walk nonetheless.

Afterwards, we went back to the camp site for a few hours, where I found another laundary room and tried to get my clothing dryed before we left again for the day... Luckily, I just barely got them dry before we had to leave. For once, the luck was in my favor!

And once again, we were off on the road! We stopped quickly at a little pub/store, and had a chance to see their pet emus... Emus are neat, aren't they?

So, our camp for day 8 was in Kakara (not positive about the spelling but I don't want to look it up right now) among the desert oaks. What a mysterious looking place this was...

Unfortunately, as we were looking for just the right place to camp, the trailer got stuck in the mud. We spent a good hour trying different things to try to get it unstuck... eventually we had to unhook the trailer and connect it to the truck with a rope to try to drag it from afar, and after a few tries (and help from the sh** shovel to dig up around the tires!) we got it loose, and went to camp.

Now, this place was CRAWLING with ants, and these ants were NASTY. Bite first, ask questions later. Actually, I think all of Australias ants are like that. Mean little buggers. For all we know, they are plotting to take over the world as we speak... right Sarah?

Camp was OK, we spent a good deal of it trying to dry out the sleeping bags and swags with the fire... and then we had taco wraps for dinner. And then... after this long day... we went to sleep in our damp swags and among the biting ants. They actually weren't too bad close to the fire, so I really shouldn't complain, we were all just a little tired, wet, and cranky and I want you to get the mood! I especially felt bad for the 4 or so of us who were sick... sleeping in a wet bed while you are sick is never fun. Not that I've ever done it... I just imagine it wouldn't be... ok, I'm rambling, on to day 9! Will I finish tonight? Who knows!


Lisah0822 said...

i LOVE the 2nd to last picture. absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! that's cool that you got to be one of the 4% to see the rain running down the rocks. too cool!!

PMH said...

Nice pictures as always. And quit blaming me for your bad luck!!

Glad you are not one of the ones sick. Want my sickness?

stacy is amazing said...

I love you.