Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Package from Stacy

This is the kind of stuff you get if you are lucky enough to get a package from Stacy!

  • 25 tea bags in the following flavors - 4 bigelow green tea (one with lemon), 5 twinings mint green tea, 3 salada green tea, 2 traditional medicinals organic chai, 1 traditional medicinals organic rose hips, 2 traditional medicinals organic lemon yerba mate, 3 bigelow orange and spice herb tea, 1 tian hu shan jasmine tea and 4 trader joes english breakfast tea
  • 2 packs Stride gum (spearmint)
  • 1 Bic pen (blue)
  • 1 pair chopsticks
  • 1 "Act for Autism" CVS puzzle pin
  • 2 deflated balloons (orange)
  • 1 child-proof safety outlet cover
  • 1 refrigerator frame with photo of Blake family
  • 1 framed photo of Olivia in tutu
  • 1 "I brake for Intercourse, PA" refrigerator magnet
  • 1 package of cookies and cream magic milk straws
  • 1 opened package of magnet sheets "create your own photo magnets"
  • 1 spool of purple ribbon
  • 1 goodie bag from Olivia's first birthday containing crayons (4), ringpop (watermelon), glow bracelet (that did not glow), ladybug bubbles
  • 1 dice keychain from Merv Griffin's Resorts
  • 1 dead bug in tuperware container


Cheryl said...

What kind of bug is it? Is it rare?

Karen said...

It is dead. That is all I know.